About Megalith

 Stonehenge, the iconic megalithic structure.

Stonehenge, the iconic megalithic structure.


What does Megalith mean?

Since before recorded history, humankind has had a deeply rooted desire to reach beyond it's grasp, to live for more than life itself, to expand beyond the quotidian. The most distant glimpses we are given into the lives of our primeval ancestors come in the form of megaliths - enormous upright stones whose purposes are obscure, and whose very existence is baffling. Stonehenge is a prime example.

We don't have all the answers, but these stones say something powerful about who they were. And who we are. Climbing taps into that same spirit of awe and the thrill of accomplishment. We at Megalith are all about bringing that sense of awe back into our daily lives. 

What is Megalith’s Mission?

Megalith exists to make the world of climbing more accessible.

We’re doing that by bringing climbing into the home, making it easy for anyone to put up a training route for themselves or an intro route for their kids to try out their first moves.

Megalith is built on a foundation of innovation, it’s who we are. We will continue to bring you groundbreaking solutions year in and year out. Got an idea? Something you wish existed? Let us know. That’s what were here for.

Were exited for what’s next.

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