Megalith was founded on one simple premise - life should be lived boldly. We were born to create, to climb, to conquer... to scale mountains, build empires, and lift our brothers and sisters to greater heights. 

The Megalith BouldWall was designed to integrate that sense of grandeur into the fiber of our daily lives. It converts the walls around us into a functional reminder that life is more, life is good, life is grand.

So live boldly. Live boulder.



stonehenge saturated.png

Since before recorded memory, humankind has had a deeply rooted desire to reach beyond it's grasp, to live for more than life itself, to expand beyond the quotidian. The most distant glimpses we are given into the lives of our primeval ancestors come in the form of megaliths - enormous upright stones whose purposes are obscure, and whose very existence is baffling.

How did these people create Stonehenge and Carnac or more the Moai of Rapa Nui? Why did they build them? Many of these stones weigh more than 20 tons, were hauled miles from their quarries, and hoisted over 30 feet in the air. All before the wheel.

We don't have all the answers, but it says something powerful about who they were. And who we are.